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Artisanal gelato production since 1998, today we're called Galliera 49, and we've always been one of the most interesting and well-established players in the world of Bologna gelato.

Passionate about food and especially gelato, we work to create gelato that is easily digestible and full of flavors and smells that evoke particular places and memories.

One of us wanted to be an architect, another worked in his family's business, one sold records, one wanted to be a chef – and then came this electrifying enthusiasm for artisanality.

We have found in our shop the fundamental characteristics of what we wanted in life: work that we are in love with and that we do with great pride; complete freedom for our creativity; a group to grow with, create with and share everything with; a close personal connection with what we do - creating new flavors as if it were a game, independent of the knowledge that our assessment is immediate and contained in the eyes of our clients.

The fate of Maurizio, Jacopo, Valerio e Fabio crosses that of the Bolognesi at GALLIERA 49 – BOTTEGA GELATERIA BOLOGNA.




Our sorbet is made from fresh or frozen fruit and other organic ingredients, water, and organic fair trade cane sugar.
BioGluten freeVegan


Granita is a typical ice dessert from Sicily. It's a semi-frozen liquid served in a glass, made with fresh fruit or other ingredients, water, and organic fair trade cane sugar.
BioGluten freeVegan


The round brioche is the typical breakfast or snack pastry in Sicily.

Born to be filled with gelato (up to three flavors plus freshly whipped cream), or empty to accompany granita. They can also be filled with just our fresh whipped cream or with the ricotta of cannoli. Our brioches are made with our own recipe by a friend of ours who is a pastry chef.

Gino Fabbri


The cannolo is one of the best-known specialties in the world of Sicilian pastries.

It is made with a casing of fried dough and a filling of sweetened ricotta, which we leave pure without candied fruit or chocolate chips. We fill our cannoli to order to maintain their crunchiness.


Cups and Wafer-cups 2 flavors €3,00
3 flavors €4,00
3 flavors €5,00
Cones 2 flavors €3,00
3 flavors €4,50
Taste 1 flavor €1,80
Granite small €2,50
medium €3,50
big €4,50
Brioches gelato €5,50
panna €4,50
Sicilian cannoli big €3,50
Small gelato   € 3,00
Gelato   € 5,00
Gelato to take away 1 Kg €26,00
Delivery service trays

1Howwe work

Our production is continuous and fast because it's the structure of our gelato that is in demand – our formula is designed to have a short life.

Our gelato does not contain hydrogenated fats, dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers or emulsifiers, in order to maintain maximum digestibility.

We save water in the production cycle with a technology that recuperates the used water to cool our machines

The choice of primary materials is the foundation of quality food, and we choose ours not only on the basis of taste, but also in consideration of the entire supply chain in order to preserve quality, authenticity and sustainability.

We personally carry out every phase in the creation of our product, the entire lifecycle of our gelato, to be sure that it is not only good but also sustainable.

The constant search for raw materials puts our gelato in continuous evolution, and makes us a DYNAMIC GELATERIA.

2Whatwe use

To make our gelato, we use: cane sugar, organic and fair trade cocoa and coffee, fresh eggs, fresh cream and milk from Sudtirol, and our quality guarantee.

We use only the finest nuts in the country, chosen carefully from producers we know, who are predominately organic.

For our sorbets and granite we use fresh fruit, particularly from our own territory, organic whenever possible, or from trusted socially-conscious suppliers.

Our spoons and cubs are made from compostable and sustainable corn bioplastics. Our cones are provided exclusively by Minora, a Bolognese producer.

As a thickener we use "kuzu", an organic Japanese plant that renders the base of our ice cream GLUTEN FREE.

Two things to remember: our fresh whipped cream is free and if there's a long line, take a number, like at the deli!

3Whatwe're like

Our gelateria is a shop were we work in plain view, in direct contact with our customers.

Here you find every kind of client from the homeless to the rich, from young students to well-known public figures, from the elderly to the alternative, a true cross-section of Bologna.

It's not glitzy, it doesn't look like a jewelry store - ours is a simple, clean artisan shop where you can see and follow the various steps of our production.

Today all the usual faces of "Galliera" are still here in the same place, but with a new name that we hope will be a strong message of our attachment to our lovely street and our beloved Bologna. So now Galliera 49.

But talk is cheap – you just have to try our gelato and Sicilian granite!

Bon Zlè!


bottega gelateria

via Galliera, 49/B
40121 Bologna (Italy)

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